Thursday, July 21, 2005

Top 75 Security tools

Like the title says;'s top seventy five security tools. All the usual suspects (Nmap, Nessus, Ethereal, Snort, etc.) plus some nice ones that never came up on my radar before. Though Yl33tMMV

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250 gig Hard Drive for $79.97 at Tiger direct

Tiger Direct has a Seagate 250 GB HD for under 80 bucks (after rebate of course) They also have a 160GB HD for 49 Bucks.

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Free DVD Cases

OK so you made backups of all of your DVD's you own but where do you store them? Do you put them in a CD jewel case? Would you prefer to store them in a DVD case? How about a DVD case that you can get for FREE? Blockbuster Video throws out DVD cases every week, especially now they are converting over to the plain lock boxes with the DVD insert in them instead of the empty case and then the lock box with the movie in it behind it on the shelf. Go to your local Blockbuster on a Tuseday, thats when they get all the new releases in, see if you can get there midday they generally will be stocking the shelves and swapping the DVD's out of the original cases and putting them in the lock boxes at this time. If you see them swapping them out ask them what are they doing with the DVD cases and they will tell you "we toss them in the garbage" ask them if you can have some and they should give them to you no problem. You can also check the dumpster behind the store, thats where you will most likely find a couple dozen. The store by my home generally tosses them into big trash bags, with nothing else in them or puts them in the large card board box that they shipped in. Check it out it! By the way, I have gotten close to 500 cases!