Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Great Sushi Restaurants on Long Island

Takara "Best Sushi on the Island" located in the Islandia Shopping Center on Veterans Memorial Highway, Islandia NY

Ichi Traditional Japanese Sushi, Located on Route 25A in Setauket, (1/4 mile east of Nichols Road)

Kotobuk (Sorry No Web site) in both Babylon and Hauppauge.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Things I want for X-Mas

  • 200 gig (or better Hard Drive) Server getting full.
  • Blank DVD's (+RW).
  • Multi-format dual layer DVD Burner (wont matter what kind of blanks I get).
  • Stuff for the New Jeep - Billet Grill inserts, Entry Guards (Black), Wind Deflector, Nerf Bars (Must Be for Unlimited), Brush Guard (for Front) Stone Guards for Lights (Front, Back and Directionals)

Hmmmm... I guess thats it for now!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

My 15 minutes of Fame

Hey all
Welcome to my blog. over the last couple of weeks , iI have been tryin to think of what my Blog should begin with and I think I have a good start. As you all have experienced, the 2004 Presidential elections took place on November 11th 2004. We all know the out come, dubba won again, how in gods name that hapend we can only guess. Any way, my loacal FM radio sation, WRCNs morning personalities had one member state that "If Bush wins the election, He will quit his job" well we all know the out come. Weel the Air staff decided to ask the listeners to vote if this one particular morning personality should lose his job or stay. So WRCNs web master set up a poll for the listeners to vote weather he stays or goes . The voting was almost even for roughly 5 days when all of a suden in one day, the votes went up to 80 % for the DJ to leave and 20 % to stay. Well, this naturaly this raised the suspicions of the Air staff and the listeners. The Air staff stated that the thought that this could not have happend and that there could be some sort of fraud going on. Well they talkedd among themselves and were trying to figure out how this could happen and said that the hoped that they could find out soon. Well, this is where I came in to play, I looked at the site, voted as per innstructions on there site and found out that there was, infact, a way to vote numerous times. So with this new found infor mation at hand I decided to to give my morning talkies a call and spill the beans....... Well I am getting tired and will finish this sagga another time............