Wednesday, June 20, 2007

34 Uses for That Can of Soda, Other Than Quenching Thirst

The chemical soup that makes up most commercial soft drinks not only makes them taste good and quench thirst, but also make them effective cleaning agents, bolt looseners, paint strippers, and possible skin softeners.

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Top 20 Magic Trick Tutorials Of All Time

Be the life of the part, or get the interest of that girl. These are the 20 most amazing magic tricks tutorial videos that you will find anywhere.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

100 of the Best Legal Full Version Games You Can Download Online

A List of 100 legal full version games available to download online from all over the web. The list includes free indie games, free to play mmos, once commercial games that are now free to play, hobbyist games, and many more. If you know of fun full version pc games that aren't on the list, please add a comment with the name and URL.

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A Program That Can Fix Dead Pixels On Your LCD Screen

I found this two programs to locate and fix LCD screens dead pixels ...

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Bryce 5.5 Full Version for FREE - Professional 3D Design Software

Direct link to download page. Bryce have released v5.5 of their professional design software for Win/Mac, so get it before they change their mind!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

281 of the best system administration tools

Links sorted by popularity. Tools for: database, email,hard disk, internet, linux, macintosh, network, scripts, virus, andwindows.

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